Creative collections

Creative collections

Monday, January 24, 2011

a trailing of teardrops

There's something organic...
and romantic about a trailing tear-drop bouquet. 
Here's a collection of pictures for you to peruse. 

The combo of green and white is crisp and fresh and classic.
Or for that little bit of difference, why not weave in some purple Singapore orchids?

Or if Oprah has inspired you to show more pride in your country, perhaps a little blue gum?
I'm sure you'll agree that the jewel-like teal green is so appealing!

Berry nice indeed. Some cute little currant-like bunches of pepper berries... beautiful!

And some vine... divine!

So you see tear-drop bouquets need not be jam-packed tight with flowers...

...they can be flowing, oozing, and tumbling with garden ramble, like ivy and berries and vine. The combination of the ramble with stunning flowers like lilies, and roses, and orchids...
well, as you can see it's not too shabby!


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