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Creative collections

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Arum Lilies everlasting

With the bride travelling from Darwin
and her parents from  Tasmania
it seemed that half way in the Adelaide Hills
was a good place for a wedding
Cassie looked delightful in a  slim fitting lace gown
accompanied by arum lilies

faux arum lilies!!
looking so real
that everyone had to touch them
to believe

Cassie had chosen
two juniors
three bridesmaids
 who wore cute knee length navy/blue dresses

As you entered the  church foyer
guests were greeted with a vintage display
depicting family unity

fresh floral arrangements in black tin pots & hessian
adorned the church,
 with an assortment of candles on the altar
later moved to the reception

Cassie &John
beautiful people on a beautiful day

x Di

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