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Creative collections

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Peony Elegance

I just love weddings!

I love when the bride shows her personality
as she styles her special day
it's even more special when that bride is your daughter!

Chloe arrived in grandpa's classic Fairlane
looking just so beautiful,
radiant and fresh
bringing a tear to her mother's eyes

Chloe chose an historic chapel  for the ceremony
and vased white flowers
 complemented the ornate chapel features
 Peony roses, her favourite
were showcased throughout the ceremony & reception
Shades of pink peonies blooming in her bouquet

petite bunches of gypsophila ,used to decorate the church pews
and gyp balls that hung in the chapel windows,
later decorated our home garden, where canapés and drinks were served
The reception was held at our property in a stylish pavilion
with an elegant country style,
turf floor, hampton chairs, 
and tables
 decorated with glass candlesticks  holding long  tapered candles,
and mirrored vases, filled with peony roses, giving the 'pop' of colour
 a classic two tiered  wedding cake was
adorned with beautiful pink peonies
fairy lights decorating the garden  & paths,
added a romantic ambience
We all  had such a wonderful day,
perfectly beautiful
To my dearest
Chloe & Dale
May your life be filled with love and blessings
xx Di ( mum)


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