Creative collections

Creative collections

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bridal blooms & Fancy shoes

Wedding gowns,
flowers, jewellery 
and of course the shoes
ready & set
 for the 'Shoes of prey' photo shoot

It was
 a privilege to be involved
creating flowers to co-ordinate
posies in neutral tones
with roses, carnations, berries and lisianthus

Hair circlets in gypsophila
an easy adornment
giving bridal atmosphere

'shoes of prey' heels
on display

Just choose the height
that you desire

a casual 'just picked' bunch
on rustic boards
with a central focus

after all
 it's ALL about the shoes!

the company 'Shoes of Prey'
with photographer Elizabeth Rowe
and my bridal flower props

Thanks to
Chloe Dutschke-Clarke & Elizabeth Rowe

x Di

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