Creative collections

Creative collections

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bouquets of Peaches and Cream

The  stage was set
with chairs and petals in the garden
and the lake as a backdrop

Nicole arrived
 looking so beautiful
in a diamante bodice and a full skirt
carrying a bouquet of soft peach & cream flowers 
with blue gum
Tanya & Mel looked great too
wearing long dresses
that graduated in colour
from apricot , peach to a smokey hemline
with bouquets similar to the brides

The reception was in a rustic wine cellar
with jars of mixed flowers on long timber table runners
 wood oven pizza  was on the menu
with barrels and old shedding
the venue had a relaxed country feel

at  the historic  Grand Cru Estate
Nicole & Daniel
on a fabulous wedding day
Best Wishes
x Di

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