Creative collections

Creative collections

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thoughful expressions

 Hours of thoughtful expression
went into Kimberley & Caleb's wedding day
Dad worked with timber
 Mum was busy sewing and doing floral work
while Kimberly painted and designed
All co-ordinating in an artistic way
Kimberley was radiant
 as she walked  from  home
to the church
accompanied by her maids
and her dad & brother
all in navy
the floral bouquets had pops of colour
including her favourites,
Dahlia and Succulents
a random mix of classic garden flowers

with a floral circlet perfect for the flowergirl

as all watched in awe of the beautiful bride
the wedding cake  decorated in fresh flowers
 looked just so inviting 
a perfect delight at the reception
Kimberley and Caleb
on a wonderful wedding
with so many thoughtful touches
of artistic expression
Blessings to you both
x Di

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