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Creative collections

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tradition & Ceremonies

 It is so interesting 
(and maybe exhausting)
having two wedding ceremonies
in one day
This is just what
Sharmila & Lyall
to compliment their different heritages 
Bouquets of assorted roses,
gum and texture
added to the soft, blush pink frocks
worn by 4 bridesmaids
 in contrast to the multi coloured Saris
worn earlier that day
The little maids had  floral circlets
highlighting their dark hair

Sharmila looked radiant in her ivory gown, full veil
holding a similar bouquet of flowers
in pastel tones

the bride and maids 
travelled in style
to the Adelaide Town Hall
the wedding ceremonies
and the reception began  
Sharmila & Lyall
a most memorable wedding day
Best Wishes

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