Creative collections

Creative collections

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Whimsical Beauty

Anna was a gorgeous bride
filled with
happiness and excitement  

arriving in Hahndorf
on the best sunny day
holding a bouquet of whimsical flowers

She arrived with her loving father

and  family

accompanied by  
 her attendants dressed in soft blue

holding similar bouquets
with the cutest little one
helping too

The church and aisle were decorated with amber bottles
tied with string & filled with flowers

while at the front of the church
 a large swag  dressed the arch
awaiting the bride & groom 

the wedding became a celebration
Anna & Shane announced their love
 to the delight of all the guests

following the Christian ceremony
guests drove to Norwood, for the reception
with lots of fun,
 music and good food

Tables had the amber bottles of flowers interspersed,
with the bridal table swag creating impact

The wedding cake
looked delicious
 pink dahlias included

Anna & Shane
on a lovely heartfelt wedding 

x Di 

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