Creative collections

Creative collections

Monday, May 28, 2012

Unique Wedding Style

It takes courage to break away from tradition
and it's so exciting when you succeed
Adele chose a unique  patterned wedding gown
mainly white, with splashes of purple ,mauve and pink

Her all white posy bouquet really added to the bridal appeal

A plain mauve dress for the bridesmaid
co-ordinated with the bride,
her bouquet caught all the colours of the bride's dress
 and  created a gorgeous picture

Chain of Ponds Winery looked beautiful,
with the rain staying away for the bride's arrival  and ceremony in the cellar

Bowls of posy like flowers and vine
added to the reception ambience

The unusual, non traditional wedding cake
made from rounds of cheese, yes cheese!
looked spectacular tricked up with orchids and vine

Adele and Greg, you made your day special with your unique style.

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