Creative collections

Creative collections

Saturday, June 23, 2012

White Carnations - a retro revival

The White Carnation
 a flower popular in the 80s,
is making an appearance in subtle ways
It's fluffy, ruffled petals combines well with lisianthus
to create the 'soft' look posy

Orchids and berries, with blue gum
complete the look for this gorgeous bride in her off-white  gown

With so many shades of purple dresses,
there is always an orchid to match
 they are such a delightful flower too

The mix of orchids, lisianthus and carnations was perfect for the girls posies
highlighting the elegant gowns

Keeping to the purple and white theme
the delicious white chocolate wedding cake
was decorated with fresh purple orchids

Congratulations, Louise and Daniel
A beautiful day !

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